Retiring in Costa Rica

Retiring in Costa Rica

From the tropical vistas, to the familiar feel being so close to home, Costa Rica has attracted more and more snowbirds choosing to retire in the Central American country. In comparison to other tropical vacation destinations, your dollar will stretch far more than it would staying in the United States. As described in our earlier blog posting on healthcare, the country also boasts one of the best public health care systems in the world. Something many seniors will appreciate saving the next trip they take to the pharmacy. A recent survey released by International Living listed Costa Rica as one of the best places to retire internationally.

There are many reasons for this. Sure, the beaches and climate are the top attractions for many tourists itching to escape the cold temperatures of the north, or the landlocked states back home. The plethora of outdoor adventures waiting to lure you out each day are gorgeous and diverse. Internet and cellular connection is among the best in many areas of the country, of course at faster speeds in the city hubs like San Jose. The coffee and cocoa is among the best in the world! Fresh fruit is in abundance, with a variety available at the local farmers markets, providing incredible menus to choose from.

The Central American destination was one of the first to focus on attracting American retirees and vacation home investors. Now the market has exploded with dozens of countries competing for Americans to call their land home. Prior to any serious consideration of relocating to Costa Rica, spending several weeks or months renting a vacation home is highly recommended. Cochal, Guanacasta and Reserva Conchal Realty, have plenty of options to fit your budget and location. The real estate market is different than Americans may be used to. A multi-listing database does not exist for realtors – even more reason to connect with our agents in Guanacasta or at Cochal Realty, with our extensive listings of luxurious homes and rentals. Not a Spanish speaker? Not a problem. English is spoken in many areas, especially in the tourism areas of San Jose and beach towns.

While the climate hovers near perfection for many months throughout the year, the country enjoys a rainy season beginning in May and lasting through November. All-day rain showers are rare, though storms may become intense. Tourism slows during this period, making many areas far more affordable than during the high season months. Some of the rain showers wash out roads on occasion and may cause minor flash flooding in some areas. Something to keep in mind when deciding which region you would like to live. Guanacasta for example has built a luxurious, 5-star community geared for American expats. Retires may leave on as little as $1,000/month which is what an expat would need to qualify for a pensionado visa. A monthly income of $5,000 or more would allow a living with all the amenities of a jet-set lifestyle. The country offers a variety of visa options with minimal restrictions to help attract investment opportunities.

Choosing a destination for retirement may be overwhelming. Join the pura vida way of life and enjoy a retirement filled with relaxation, minimal stress and the little things in life set among a beautiful culture and people ready to welcome you home!

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