Navigating Travel and Visits to Costa Rica during the Pandemic

Navigating Travel and Visits to Costa Rica during the Pandemic


The country is happy to welcome back international travelers looking for that tropical escape, or those looking to call Costa Rica home. Conchal Real estate is ready to welcome you and find that perfect property you are looking for!

The pandemic remains a concern around the world, yet more and more seek to make a return to traveling since the vaccine roll out. The introduction of a vaccine in record timing has allowed many areas of the world to enjoy some aspects of normalcy. We have gathered a few tips we hope will make traveling to our tropical paradise, that much easier with peace of mind.  Those choosing to travel are strongly encouraged to check local government restrictions, rules, and safety measures as they are subject to change.  For Costa Rica its

When arriving in Costa Rica, rest assured the country boasts a primary health care system that has become a model for others around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Costa Rica public health care system above the United States in a 2000 survey. The country also consistently ranks among the top in the world for long life expectancy by the WHO, ahead of Great Britain and the United States. It boasts one of the lowest infant mortality rates in Latin America at around 10%,  with advanced care in prenatal prevention and control. Access to healthcare is easy to find throughout the country, with many providers speaking both English and Spanish.

The Covid-19 vaccine rollout is also in full swing. Reuters reported the Costa Rican Government secured enough additional vaccine doses during the second week of March, to enable 70% of the country’s population to be vaccinated. While the United States has had great success with vaccine rollout, many other countries are struggling to reach 50%. As of May 13, 2021 Costa Rica had vaccinated about 10% of the population. As more and more travelers from the United States are vaccinated, a surge in air line booking has begun.

The latest updates from the Costa Rica Tourism Board state that all entry by air, and marine have been opened to all countries. Arriving by air or sea is available and is not currently requiring COVID screening tests nor quarantine upon arrival.  Testing remains available at medical facilities across the country, though the Costa Rican Ministry of Health recommends setting an appointment for testing immediately upon arrival for any screen testing requirements for your return trip. Insurance is currently required for visitors to cover medical expenses but averages roughly $11/day.

Whether you are looking to explore Costa Rica’s tropical rain forests or a golfing resort along the coast for your next vacation, or anxious to make the country your new home, the pura vida lifestyle and culture is ready to welcome you! The year-around tropical temperatures make active lifestyles enduring for a variety of sports and other recreational activities. The Guanacaste region is located in the northwest region of the country. The dry season lasts from December to March, with the peak of the rainy season beginning in May lasting through the end of November. Sport enthusiasts will fall in love with the variety of options available to them, while those seeking meditation and relaxation will enjoy lounging on the beach at any given time throughout the year.

Here at Conchal Realty, we have a wide range of vacation homes and investment properties in the most desirable locations in Guanacaste. The region attracts both international tourists and expats alike. Contact us today to reserve an appointment.

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